Feb 02

Hypnotism Techniques – Covert Hypnosis Exposed

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Covert or Conversational hypnosis has provoked interest from many psychologists and hypnotist for many years. This hypnotism technique has aroused a lot of inquisitiveness and controversies in the last few decades. It aims at gaining control over an individuals’ conscious mind without even letting him know. This technique has always been reserved for doctors, psychologists, hypnotherapists, or medical professionals, but The Power of Conversational Hypnosis has bought this hypnotism technique into the public light. Till sometime back, the common people did not have access to this information as it was feared that the technique may land up in wrong hands and may get misused.

It has stirred a lot of interest from all quarters of the society especially the ones who are concerned with human psychology. Some quarters have felt that such techniques should not be made public. Nonetheless, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis makes for a good study, and is highly recommended to all those who want to learn more about the power and application of hypnosis.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is a storehouse of information about every aspect of conversational hypnosis. It contains complete guidance and comprehensive tutorials on conversational hypnosis, aimed at teaching the reader everything about this technique. Master Hypnotist Igor Ledochowski has beautifully tried to teach the world the secrets of gaining control of someone’s mind, and getting them to do what you want, during the course of a normal conversation.


It takes you by the hand, and teaches you step by step one of the most unique hypnotism techniques to hypnotize anyone during the course of a normal conversation

Click here to visit The Power of Conversational Hypnosis site

This course on conversational hypnosis includes hypnosis techniques that have been inspired by the work and methods of hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Dr Milton Erickson. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis contains tutorials that teach you the use of words in such a manner that you are able to send a conscious person in a state of trance. The author has gone into minute details, to explain how conversational hypnosis works, and the reasons why these hypnotism techniques work. The tutorials are like a running film, and have been divided into sections that make it extremely easy for the learners to grasp things. The hypnotic examples and use of metaphors in The Power of Conversational Hypnosis has made the text extremely easy to understand even for the layman.

To sum up the pros and cons, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis contains every piece of information that you need to master conversational hypnosis. The information is well structured and supported by examples. On the hind side, some people may find the information a bit too much to grasp. Only after a lot of practice you can think of mastering any of the techniques. You may need to go back more than once to the same tutorial to gain complete mastery.

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Jan 23

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

hypnotistHypnosis has become a really interesting topic to everyone who hears it. It was given so many misconceptions leading people to be scared of it. However, what really is hypnosis? First, let’s define it. The word hypnosis came from the Greek word “hypnos” which means “sleep.” At this time, it is considered as the mysterious phenomenon of experiencing reduced consciousness despite the fact that a person is awake. Hypnosis brings a person on a state that experts called as “artificial sleep.”

Nowadays, it is believed that hypnotism can help in treating certain problems such as eating disorders, compulsive gaming, sleep disorders, posttraumatic stress, depression, and anxiety. It is also used in weight and smoking management helping the affected person to get over these issues that they can’t handle with themselves. All these can be done through conversational hypnosis or also known as covert hypnosis. If you would like to know more about this topic, then keep reading on.

Conversational hypnosis is a kind of hypnosis technique, which is done through initiating a regular talk. It is the art of making people hypnotized by merely using daily conversations. Covert hypnosis refers to an effort to talk with the unconscious mind of the other person without having noticed.

Igor Ledochowski, 38 years old Austrian, is a practitioner of conversational hypnosis. He is known as a master hypnotist, coach, trainer, lawyer, and a mentor. His works “The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed” and “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis” are highly respected courses for home study. By developing this technique, he helped the marketing professionals to sell and advertise in an effective and efficient manner.

When it comes to the benefits of hypnosis, it’s highly beneficial for people who are suffering from eating and sleeping disorders. As many people are experiencing posttraumatic stress and depression in the busy modern world, they can also get a relief through hypnotism. One of the significant benefits of hypnosis is that it can battle out habits coming from compulsive gaming and smoking. Nowadays, hypnosis is being used for weight management as well as to eliminate fears, phobias, and anxiety. It can also reduce the pain felt by loss and get rid of the feeling of grief. People who have severe symptoms and need assistance in crisis management may also be helped by hypnotism.

Actually, hypnosis is something that we should not be scared of. It is not the stereotype hypnotism that we see on movies and televisions. As a matter of fact, it can be of great help to health conditions. Conversational hypnosis has a great power, and it should not be used in wicked purposes instead of helping other people to get over their concerns.

Jan 16

Basic Hypnotism Techniques – How do they work?

Hypnotist - Pocket Watch
Hypnotism needs no introduction. Everyone who has tried amazing hypnotism techniques is raving about their effectiveness, and the sheer power they can provide to anyone to control his mind. No wonder, you will find a plethora of hypnosis techniquesto get rid of almost all types of psychological or physiological ailments these days. Here, we are going to shed some light on what actually hypnotism is, and what are various hypnotism techniques available you can use.

Actually, the exact procedure of hypnosis depends on the technique used to hypnotize a subject, but all techniques are essentially the visualization techniques, which enable the subjects, directly attain their subconscious state. Since our subconscious mind is where our innermost thought patterns and habits resides, making changes at this level can provide you the most astonishing results in almost every area of your life such as relationships, quit smoking, in getting rid of drug addiction, weight loss, boosting confidence and even treating  various physiological diseases and so on and so forth. Various powerful hypnotism techniques such as covert hypnosis are extremely beneficial in achieving mind-blowing results in the shortest possible time.

Let’s have a look at various hypnotism techniques available for you.

Covert hypnosis: This is a type of hypnosis procedure whereby a professional therapist or any expert hypnotist uses normal conversation or any other means to influence the mind of subject, without the knowledge of the subject. Covert hypnosis basically consists of using techniques to converse with persons’ subconscious mind, and open it to become more receptive to new suggestions.

Convert hypnosis is one of the most revolutionary and cutting-edge hypnotism techniques of present times. The technique is entirely different from any traditional method of hypnosis. Traditional techniques can be carried out successfully only if the subject is willing to get hypnotized. In traditional techniques, the subject has to lie down with his eyes closed to make his subconscious mind receptive to new suggestions. This is in complete contrast with covert hypnosis whereby the eyes of subject remain opened during the whole procedure, and he doesn’t even know if he is undergoing any hypnotic procedure.

Traditional Hypnosis: You may have seen old fashioned hypnosis stereotypes where the subjects are called up on stage and hypnotized by using a readymade script. These types of hypnosis techniques where the subject is perfectly aware that he is being hypnotized come under traditional hypnosis techniques.

Ericksonian hypnosis: Developed by renowned hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, this hypnosis technique was extremely popular in the 70’s. One significant factor that differentiates Ericksonian hypnosis from other traditional hypnotism techniques is that instead of using trance to make the subject’s mind receptive, this technique relies on storytelling in order to enable the patient to reach his subconscious levels. The stories, used in Ericksonian hypnosis, are called metaphors. This technique is slightly more effective than other traditional techniques because therapists can easily reach out to the subconscious part of the subject’s mind by easily suppressing the rational questioning part of his brain.

Dec 11

Hypnosis – What is it and How it works

Hypnotic spiral If you have never undergone any type of hypnosis procedure in your life, chances are that you would also be confused about hypnotism techniques and how exactly they work. It’s true that people, who have never experienced hypnotism firsthand, think that the idea of controlling someone’s mind with the power of conversation or by using any other method is absolutely fantastic. They can’t imagine what positive changes hypnotism can bring in anyone’s life, in relation to areas such as addictions, romance, personal or professional issues, and much more. With that in mind, let’s try to understand hypnosis in somewhat more detail.

What exactly is hypnosis?

 In simpler terms, hypnosis is an induced psychological state of a person’s consciousness. This sleep-like state is normally induced by another person called hypnotherapist. However, by using certain powerful self hypnosis techniques, anyone can learn to do the same himself. The subject or the person who undergoes the hypnosis treatment is in a sleep-like state, but he is much receptive and aware of his surroundings. In other words, the subject enters an entirely different state of his consciousness called the subconscious. In this tranquil state, he is open to any external suggestion. Suggestions given to the individual during hypnotism directly affect at their subconscious levels; therefore, hypnotism techniques can be effectively used in changing the thinking pattern of the individuals. This is precisely the reason why hypnotism techniques are so effective in curing certain psychological disorders such as depression, overcoming fears and phobias, quitting smoke and addictions, pain management, habit control, enhancing sports performance, relaxing mind and body, weight loss progress, and so on and so forth.  is one of the latest advancements of hypnotism. This technique proves to be extremely effective in habit control procedures such as quitting smoke, etc.

 How does hypnosis work?

When an individual undergoes hypnosis treatment, his therapist helps him to relax in a sleep-like hypnosis state. Hypnotherapists can use a number of techniques to accomplish this. The important thing to understand here is that a hypnotist is merely helping an individual to hypnotize and attain this subconscious state of receptiveness. However, it’s individual’s own ability that ultimately determines the success of any hypnosis procedure. In other words, if a person is not willing to undergo any hypnosis procedure, no hypnotherapist in the world can make him do so. This is exactly the reason why you can even use self hypnosis methodologies to attain this tranquil state if you truly want to. Hypnotism induces a state of heightened suggestibility and focused attention, and contribution of your own mind is imperative in attaining this fantastic state.